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Cast your mind back to January 31st 2006. In my opinion that day
had more effect on internet marketing than almost any other day
over the last few years. Not because Butterfly Marketing was such a
great product, but because the product or the hype (or whatever it
was) caused hundreds (if not thousands) of people to take action.

Although I was an original JV Patner, I am not a user of the
software and I am not promoting Butterfly Marketing in this email.

However, what Butterfly Marketing did for me was to open my eyes to
the possibilities of what could be achieved by using the concepts
contained within The Manuscript.

Although he certainly didn’t create them, One Time Only offers were
almost unheard of before Mike Filsaime brought them to popularity.
If you have a website and you are not using an OTO, then you are
literally leaving money on the table. Period.

But as I said above, I really really am not preaching today about
Butterfly Marketing. The point that I am trying to make is that
there are many tactics out there which are extremely powerful but
that you may not be using.


Just last night, I was reading a thread on a copywriting forum
which was speaking about the best way to write a guarantee. It
suggested that instead of saying “If you are not happy with the
product…” you should say “Make 5 times your investment…”. The
psychological difference is clear about giving a positive message
as opposed to a negative one. So am I going to go now and change
all of my salespages? I will test and if it increases conversions
then I will and so should you.

How about on your download page having links to other products that
you sell. Will this increase your revenue per customer? Well it
definitely won’t decrease it! You should try that also.

So what is my point? There are many things that we should should or
could be doing that will increase our revenue. I have given two
seemingly obvious examples above which in my experience people just
do not do. However, I hope that you can see that although they may
take 2 or 3 minutes to implement they can have a huge difference in
the profitability of your campaign whether that is as an affiliate,
product owner or even with Adsense.

Which brings me to Guru Slayer…


No doubt you have and will receive many different emails about this
product. Does that mean that it is a good product or a bad product?
No. It just means that Andrew Fox whose product it is has managed
to recruit a huge number of partners.

I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy.

Is it brilliant?
Will it change the world of Internet Marketing?

Probably not 🙁

However, what it does do it give you a blueprint of how you can
create a profitable and successful project. What it did for me was
give me a few tips on how to increase profitability on my
campaigns. Since making several tweaks, I have slightly increased
my sales as an affiliate on Clickbank and have increased my product
sales by about 8-9% . It has only been a week, so these figures are
in no way scientific. However, I am smiling!

What I liked about this ebook was:

1. It gave you a blueprint of how you are able to copy somebody
else’s model.
2. It didn’t talk about theoretical results, but showed you results
that have actually been achieved.
3. You don’t need a list to use its tactics. If you have even a
small one then great, but you don’t need to.

I have been considering doing more coaching recently but was
looking for a way to ensure that it is effective as possible.
Although I have done a lot of coaching and consulting in the past
it has mainly been targeted towards small companies who are looking
to increase their Adsense revenue.

So here is what I am willing to do for you if you buy through my

I will coach you one-on-one over the telephone or over Skype about
the tactics spoken about in the Guru Slayer. However:
a. I would suggest that you have read it first and have an idea of
where you want to go with it.
b. The call must be between 7am-11am Sunday to Thursday.
c. The call will last a minimum of half-an-hour.
d. The call will be recorded and you will be given a copy of the
call. However I will have complete rights to the call to do what I
like with it.

To be honest, I am not sure how popular this will be. I am hoping
that you see it as an opportunity to advance. To arrange a time,
please post your receipt at http://www.replytoben.com and we will
go from there.

In order to get going, please go to:


My time is valuable and yours is too, so I look forward to helping
your business go forward.

Best Wishes,

Ben Shaffer

PS. Almost forgot, he is giving away some of the
hottest fast action bonuses ever – INCLUDING A JV
opportunity AND resale rights to many of his products which
go for $697 – $997.

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