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Please Do Me A Favor…

It is rare that I ask for a favor from you. And even rarer that
I give out a URL for a Butterfly Marketing Style site. However,
on this occasion I have made an exception.


I have spent my whole day cleaning. The house is now spick and
span but my back is aching and I am totally drained of energy.
On a positive note though, I have managed to throw away a huge
amount of stuff. I guess this gives me space to buy new junk 🙂


I wanted to direct you to a site called Super Blogging. There
is a free ebook there and a free piece of software. Both are
of extremely high quality and if you are blogging at all or
intend to blog in the future then I would highly advise you to
go and have a look.

In fact, my favor is that you do go and have a look. Sign up.
Read the ebook and then comment on my blog at:


whether you think that it is as good as I say or a piece of
junk which isn’t worth the virtual dust that it will gather on
your hard-disk!


Anyways, I strongly would appreciate it if you could have a
read and then comment so that I know what to deliver you in
the future.

Have a Great Day!

Ben Shaffer

4 Responses to “Super Blogging”

  1. Jeanette Cates Says:

    Ben – in your email you asked:
    If you could also tell me why I can no longer insert links through the interface on WordPress, then that would also be really helpful. I am totally mystified 🙂

    Care to clarify the question more? I’m sure there are a bunch of experts on here who can clarify that for you.

    Will be back to comment on the super blogging shortly.


  2. Henrik Blunck Says:

    Hi Ben

    Thanks for the link. I signed up for the e-book, and truly owe great thanks for all the wonderful content you have given to all of us.

    Need I say I have immediately recommended that others also register for this on my blog?

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. rosa Says:

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you.. its very nice and clear. how generous you are. May the blessing of our God continue to flow unto you.

    Your friend


  4. Jac Says:

    Hi Ben

    Since I started reading up on blogging, this is the first real, well defined and helpful piece of information I’ve read. I now feel quite confident that blogging can work for me.


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